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The ham-bikini

Monday, April 11th, 2011

We seem to have somewhat of a fascination with meat and bikinis. Lady Gaga’s meat bikini comes to mind. You’ve seen the meat bikini, now meat (get it, meat? ha!) the ham-bikini! I wasn’t able to find much information on this fashion nightmare, but all I can say is you’d have to be a pretty confident type to wear a bikini like this. I have to wonder what those pork heads are made of!

Meat Bikini

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Oh Lady Gaga, what WON’T you wear?

Guess it comes as no surprise that after her debut in a meat dress that a meat bikini would follow. Obviously, this was a stunt for Vogue Japan but the thought of draping slabs of red meat all over yourself kind of grosses me out. After a while it’d smell, you’d be cold, you’d probably start to wonder what kinds of things are seeping into your skin.

Personally, I’d rather eat it, not wear it.