Bizarre Bikini Contestants

These girls are dead serious about winning and they pretty much all should get the prize because all of the costumes are horribly on the same level but fun too.



Redneck Bikini Muddin

This bikini has become very popular in the muddin community.



Rubber Soap Bikini Mistake

Ready for a dip is a girl in a soap bikini and she has her rubber floatie along although those bars of soap will help her to float too.



2014 Bikini Mistakes

2014 starts off hot and heavy with some of the craziest bikini mistakes. Wow!



Bikini Car Wash Strippers

They don’t know if they want to have a bikini car wash or a strip tease show. So why not combine it! Whenever it involved dollar bills, if there is a will, there is a way.



Bikini Valentine Poker Bikinis

Expect to see the weirdest kinds of bikinis this year starting off with these poker and valentine bikinis that you may not see in your local store but you can make yourself with some poker chips and some tape. The chick in the poker chips bikini sort of looks like a dude in the face, right?



Freezing Bikini Contestants

Happy New Year from Bikini Mistakes!! Hope you don’t have a bad hangover but if you do, just drink some tomato juice with vodka and sit back and enjoy our website.

We’re starting the year off with some pictures of a Miss USA contest. But, how dare they let Miss USA freeze! These contestants are cold in Washington state so they give them towels to protect them from the breeze. Why don’t they just give them fake fur jackets to put on their shoulders so they can keep warm and we can see the bikinis at the same time.



Bikini Painting Mistake

This is a perfectly good waste of a hot bikini body. The bunny one in the middle isn’t bad though. Hmmmmm… wait a minute, when you stop and stare at them all, they really don’t look all that bad. I think it’s the bodies we see and not the pain after looking at it for more than a minute. But let’s keep it up because it could have been painted with cleaner lines.



Bikini Besties Whether You Like It Or Not

Love this picture!! This girl is determined to get in the picture whether those bikini Heathers like it or not!! Kudos!



Mrs. Santa and the Hunk

This is all Mrs. Santa wants for Christmas. Santa is too busy running around delivering presents to notice. Happy Holidays from us at Bikini Mistakes!!